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Surrey History Centre

Congratulations to the Surrey History Centre for being voted Archive of the Year for 2012 by Your Family History magazine (never heard of it, but it’s not hard to guess its subject matter). This should come as no surprise to anyone … Continue reading

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If not Time Team, how about St Kilda?

With things having gone quiet on the job vacancies at Time Team front, I was more than happy to spot an article on the BBC News website yesterday about a vacancy for a resident archaeologist on St Kilda, which has … Continue reading

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The “Surrey Fens” causeways – finished at long last

I’ve written and rewritten so much of this essay over the past year or two that I have nothing else to add, other than to recommend you head over to here and have a read of it (and if you … Continue reading

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Instant archaeology

The passage of artefacts into the soil is the bread-and-butter of “dirt archaeology”, and my day spent grafting at Northolt Manor got me thinking about the processes involved in how things getting from (above-ground) A to (subterranean) B, and at … Continue reading

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Day out at Northolt Manor

In another episode of what’s fast turning into a series of medieval-tinged free activities in London, yesterday I joined a team from the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers’ London Regional Office on a “rescue mission” to finish a three or … Continue reading

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I’m easily amazed…

…but this is pretty special in my eyes. Last week I visited the remains of the Roman amphitheatre below the Guildhall Art Gallery in the City of London. It’s well worth a look (with free entry as an added sweetener), … Continue reading

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Chaos at Time Team – who do I send my showreel to?

It’s the talk of the archaeological world – Mick Aston, sorry, Professor Mick Aston’s decision to quit Time Team after nigh-on two decades. I heard the news via Facebook a couple of days ago: here’s the Telegraph article I read … Continue reading

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Exciting times (for strange people like me)

It’s my mission to try and complete synthesising the material I presented in last year’s talk on ingas into an essay before February is out. It helps that (1) it’s a leap year and (2) I’ll be spending the last week … Continue reading

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New work (of sorts) – medieval agriculture in Puttenham parish

My book/study/report on Puttenham parish and its landscape is nearly complete; however, this has been the case for years now and, having done no work on it in months, unfortunately it doesn’t looks like I will get the opportunity to change … Continue reading

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I’ve just set up a profile on New website, new confusions to overcome (how do I write a brief bio about myself, or is that something not available to independent researchers?), but if you use it to then add/follow … Continue reading

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