Free online journals

My beef with prohibitively-expensive electronic journal access has largely been assuaged courtesy of a friend with institutional access (who shall remain nameless and thus blameless) giving me his log-in details. A cathartic pillage of the journal websites duly ensued, and weeks down the line I am still picking my way through what I downloaded. There are, however, a number of online-only journals available for free, whose forward-thinking approach should be lauded every bit as much as their contents…

  1. Heroic Age: In the words of its editors, this Canada-based journal deals with “Northwestern Europe during the early medieval period”. As with most online journals the contributions are a often a tad esoteric and reading them can at times be a little hard going, but it more than repays the effort, and sections like the annual archaeology round-up will be of interest to even the general reader.
  2. assemblage: a.k.a. the Sheffield University graduate journal of archaeology. Another publication (one concerned with all periods, not just the medieval) that pushes the boundaries. Prehistoric cannibalism? Iron Age broch orientation? Macedonian metal smelting? It’s all here.
  3. Skepsi: A journal I only discovered tonight thanks to a search result for a Thom Gobbitt-authored article on his PhD research; a quick look at its back issues makes me think that it would be worth persevering with in spite of preposterous issue titles like “Pharmakon: Literature and Violence” (surely lifted from a black metal band?). Or am I just being narrow minded?
I’m sure there’s more publications out there like the above-mentioned (if I have read them then I can’t remember their names at this precise moment in time) so the above list may be added to in due course. Also, I’ll do a separate post on the journals that have made many of their back issues available for free online.

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