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The enduring lure of dressed blocks of stone

My first real love in medieval history and archaeology was ecclesiastical architecture. Time has passed and my tastes have shifted, to the point where I found it a little tricky to do justice to my reinterpretation of the early fabric … Continue reading

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More about coins and markets and the like

The interest shown in my recent piece about how the locations of seventh to ninth-century coin finds in Surrey can say more about the economy of the period (see my previous post) has been very gratifying and has more than … Continue reading

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New work – Middle Anglo-Saxon trading networks in Surrey

When I was at middle school (it’s a Surrey thing, for children between the ages of 8 and 11), I had two friends who collected things. Terry collected keys and Tim collected coins. At the time it was keys that … Continue reading

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HAPPY Easter

It’s half past one in the morning and I’ve admitted defeat in trying to get something big finished that I’ve been working on more or less constantly since Good Friday morning (save for a few breaks such as an excursion … Continue reading

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