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A post for lovers

Well, thanks be that Valentine’s Day is over and done with for another year. Though I’m far from cynical about love (even if I would have been hard-pushed to cook a meal for the girlfriend better than the one our housemate produced … Continue reading

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Don’t judge a medieval book by its cover

What follows is the scratching of an itch that has been bugging me for months, if not years – the risible quality of the cover design of many medieval text books. Granted, it’s hardly a subject of profound importance, but … Continue reading

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Bunker Archaeology

I spotted an interesting feature on the BBC website the other day, reproducing a series of images from The Last Stand, a project by photographer Marc Wilson (a larger number of photos from it can be found on Wilson’s website). There’s … Continue reading

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New blog, new work

While the rest of the medieval world goes loopy that bones under the car park in Leicester are those of Richard III (rather than a temporally and geographically dislocated Brookside storyline), I have been busy setting up a new sister … Continue reading

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