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Rip-off online journals hit the national press

I noticed this morning in my Facebook newsfeed that someone had posted a link to a Guardian article on the exorbitant prices institutions and Joe Public have to pay for online access to leading journals, written by the ever-brilliant George Monbiot. … Continue reading

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New (old) work!

Sensed it had been a while since I posted a new article in my Work pages, so I’ve gone and ended the drought with a short-ish paper on the origins of Guildford and its medieval hunting parks. Unfortunately it’s not especially … Continue reading

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If this is what survives, just think of what’s been lost

Amidst near-constant trawling of news sites for updates and analysis of the riots and other nonsensical disorder of the past few days, this slideshow on The Guardian website caught my eye as an exposition of a fascinating array of religious … Continue reading

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Things you find when you’re bored at work

Despite several indications to the contrary, I do not indulge in the vice of Googling myself. Much. I do, on the other hand, make occasional searches for things I have written about. “Seven ditches” is a case in point; as … Continue reading

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