Ten Years Gone – a decade of research in Puttenham parish

Below is a really big piece of work for me. Or to look at it another way, below is a big-ish piece of work that is nonetheless dwarfed by the incomplete report text from which its contents are mostly drawn. Having spent so long considering and reconsidering the material and having shared only small portions of it during that time – please take a squiz at the presentation on medieval agriculture within Puttenham parish I put together a couple of years ago (I was unable/forgot to include much of its contents in the present paper) – a proper summary of what I have found or what I believe I have found out is long overdue.

Ten Years Gone in Puttenham parish July 2013

I hope it will prove to be of interest to people and will demonstrate that I have made some significant discoveries concerning Puttenham parish and its environs, as well as leaving me with a stack of research questions crying out to be answered. That work starts tomorrow…

(Check back in a couple of days and you may well find I have written a little more about this paper and the background to it – I am struggling to master my girlfriend′s German-language computer tonight, what with the Y and Z keys in the “wrong” places and drop-down menus incomprehensible to a non-Teutonophone like me).

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