Seven Ditches

When I created a section for my written work, the article attached below seemed as good a place as any to commence proceedings. Although I was spurred into action after reading one of the most interesting books on Anglo-Saxon archaeology published in recent years, Prof. Andrew Reynolds’ Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs, the key ideas within it were formulated over a number of years as part of my ongoing research into early land-use and settlement in Puttenham parish (a subject which – note to self – I should really devote a separate page to).

Six Skeletons at Seven Ditches December 2011

The bulk of the paper was published in the Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin 423 (pages 6-10), but I added to it intermittently in the months after as and when I chanced across relevant articles. A version of May 2011 was sent to, and received positive feedback from, three experts in the fields of Anglo-Saxon archaeology and/or linguistics, including Prof. Reynolds, which made me think I must be on the right track with it. The attached shall be the last in the line of updated versions. I hope to revisit the topic in an entirely new paper, incorporating a deeper contemplation of the significance of the name “seven ditches”, for publication elsewhere. As such, any comments, questions and criticisms of the above will be gratefully received and responded to.

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