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New work – Reassessing the territorial nomenclature of the Early and Middle Anglo-Saxon periods…

…or, why there was no such thing as a regio in the area of southern England in the sixth century. Having been hard pushed these past few weeks to set aside a few minutes to compose a blog post, I … Continue reading

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New work – sorry Epsom…

…but you can no longer claim to be the place named Hebbeshamm at which King Alfred convened an assembly of many of his leading men in 882, a meeting known solely from the passing reference made in a charter to … Continue reading

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Wikipedia, Wapedia, whatever

So here are the behind-the-scenes machinations of Wikipedia editing laid bare. I guess it’s good that people (including my one-time referencer – is that even a word? – Angus McLellan) are motivated to go to such lengths to ensure that … Continue reading

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