Chaos at Time Team – who do I send my showreel to?

It’s the talk of the archaeological world – Mick Aston, sorry, Professor Mick Aston’s decision to quit Time Team after nigh-on two decades. I heard the news via Facebook a couple of days ago: here’s the Telegraph article I read straight after, quickly followed by this one revealing new presenter Mary-Ann has likewise jumped ship (I haven’t seen and heard enough of her as to make a judgement of whether she was any cop).

Mick Aston - the kind of guy who calls a spade a spade, then calls it worthless

This bad news took on a whole new complexion today when I learned that in an interview printed in the new issue of British Archaeology Mick declared not only TT but his entire academic career had been pointless or worthless (or words to that effect). As the person who told me this observed, whatever the reasons he had for saying what he did, the editor of the magazine should have seen the obvious nonsensicality of it and suggested they might redo the interview to give Mick some (seemingly much-needed) time for reflection.

Anyway, enough with the pity party, it sounds like there’s some presenting gigs in the offing and I want in. Reckon I might drop the producers, Wildfire Television, a line and see if they might be willing to give me a try out. And if by some miracle they happen to be reading this, I’d like to steer them (and you) in the direction of this piece I put together about my trip to Harrow on the Hill earlier this week as a little taste of my multimedia skills. Time Team needs me, and I am ready to take that call.


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One Response to Chaos at Time Team – who do I send my showreel to?

  1. canadianpages says:

    Thanks for the information. Time Team is one of my favourite television programs. It shows here in Ontario (Canada) on the educational channel TVO and we are a few years behind. I think the last season shown was number 15 (?). I will definately miss Mick Aston, his sense of humour, his vast knowledge and his ever present multi-coloured striped sweater and knitted hat.

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