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Miracles & Charms

I think the Wellcome Collection may be my new favourite place in London. Free entry, wonderful exhibits, killer bookshop, bumped into a good friend who I hadn’t seen in years – what’s not to love? I would recommend you try … Continue reading

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Anatomy of Norbiton

There’s plenty of websites or webpages dedicated to the history of a particular village or town, suburb or district, but most are uncritical paraphrasings of the obvious reference sources, and as a result are often, well, quite boring (I appreciate … Continue reading

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Proof I’m not the only one who goes on about Anglo-Saxon boundaries

I can’t deny a hefty chunk of my recent work (and for that matter what I shall be researching and writing in the coming months) is based on points in Old English charter boundary clauses. It is also the case … Continue reading

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Seven ditches – the last update (for now)

A bit of bad news yesterday gave me the impetus at long last to complete my quick-fire summary of non-coincidental instances of the term “seven ditches” from Europe and Asia. I hope it serves to demonstrate that there are grounds … Continue reading

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