Stephen Rippon & the MSRG

Stephen Rippon, professor of landscape archaeology at University of Exeter, is one of the leading lights (not to mention most prolific authors) in his field. In a post I wrote a few months back, I noted the paucity of academics who make copies of their published research available for free online, but mentioned an Exeter database I had come across once where anyone could read or download articles, chapters and other papers written by the university’s academics. Fortunately, I have re-learned how to use Google since and so can direct you to the results page of the wonderfully-named ERIC database giving access to no less than 37 pieces Rippon has authored or co-authored. Well worth a look.

Prof Rippon is current president of the Medieval Settlement Research Group (MSRG), of which I am a member. Its website was relaunched this week, and gives a much better summary of the group’s remit and activities than its predecessor. What is more, judging from the incomplete nature of one or two of the pages, there’s more new content still to come.

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