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Penda’s Fen (and the scourge of property speculation)

This post will be my first (and quite probably only) venture into film criticism, and is the result of a bit of cajoling by our Irish correspondent Vox Hiberionacum. Expressing whether you think a given piece of film-making is good or bad springs … Continue reading

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Prof. Mick Aston

In my previous post I explained how my deep interest in the medieval period was precipitated by becoming engrossed in the subject of the status of my home village at the time of the Domesday Survey (tiny acorns and mighty … Continue reading

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HAPPY Easter

It’s half past one in the morning and I’ve admitted defeat in trying to get something big finished that I’ve been working on more or less constantly since Good Friday morning (save for a few breaks such as an excursion … Continue reading

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Chaos at Time Team – who do I send my showreel to?

It’s the talk of the archaeological world – Mick Aston, sorry, Professor Mick Aston’s decision to quit Time Team after nigh-on two decades. I heard the news via Facebook a couple of days ago: here’s the Telegraph article I read … Continue reading

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