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At the edges of Old English toponomastics 2: a textual sidelight on Clandon

Seconds out, round two… Like Wanborough, the place-name Clandon (shared by two parishes east of Guildford) represents a compound of two Old English words, in this case clǣne and dūn (e.g. CDEPN, 140). The qualifier occurs most frequently with OE feld (“open land”) but has been … Continue reading

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At the edges of Old English toponomastics 1: a textual sidelight on Wanborough

Learning Old English is no cakewalk, as I’m sure anyone who has done it will agree, but it does open a window into a fascinating world of writings, both Anglo-Saxon and modern. One of the first things I was given to … Continue reading

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Not leaving the house

It’s drawing dark outside despite it still being a reasonable hour which makes me realise two things: winter is pretty much upon us, and I’m not going to make it out of the house in the light today. Quite honestly, … Continue reading

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