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Acleah, that is, Junction 7 of the M25? Part 1: Farthing Downs

I know what you’re thinking, that there’s a pretty crazy title, so allow me to commence with some retrospection by way of orientation. A little under a year ago, I wrote a post which went to great lengths to discount a proposal made … Continue reading

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Post no bills? Reflections on visits to place-names in the Surrey Weald

It’s over. My dissertation is handed in, my part in my Master’s degree is done. Finally, time to relax and enjoy the summer. I’m not much of a Doctor Who fan but nonetheless I enjoyed the coincidence of the episode aired that weekend being set … Continue reading

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New work – Puttenham, Puttenham, Puttenham

Despite living in London (not to mention a clutch of northern cities before it), I still consider the little Surrey village of Puttenham to be my home. A couple of days ago, after spilling half a can of a market-leading … Continue reading

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