The people’s choice

I have no idea why, but of all the things I have written to date, the one that attracts the most spam comments (maybe even the majority) is the brief follow-up to my paper on pre-Conquest land tenure in Woking Hundred. Something about it must strike a chord with people (or the software that sends out spam). Cole, for instance, writes;

“thats article was nice , Ihope thats well help me”

I hope so too Cole. Next up are the kind words of a Saudi well-wisher; I’d be able to give you their name if only I read Arabic, but my ignorance of the language means they must remain anonymous;

“This could be an individual distinct of the most helpful websites We have ever arrive across on this subject. Essentially Magnificent. I am also a professional in this matter so I can figure out your arduous succeed.”

(The structure of the above reminds me of those from the Brazilian Vimaxers I posted about the other week, but the capitalised commendation “Essentially Magnificent” surpasses any praise they gave. If this was a book I’d demand it was printed like a review on the dust jacket.)

No doubt the coming weeks will bring further pearls, and if it does then I’ll add them to this post. For the time being, I can’t express my thoughts on the matter any better than Alex Atwill did in regard to the possible connection between the development of Guildford as an urban centre and the multiplication of “loanland” estates in its hinterland;

“Great story over again. I am looking forward for more updates=)”

More to follow with any luck…

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