The best thing about running this blog is being able to share things that interest me with the wider world. The second best thing about running this blog is the spam comments which it receives. Fortunately for both author and reader alike, WordPress screens these and dumps them in a folder for me to delete or do something else with if I should so desire (as yet it’s got a 100% success rate at catching these nonsensical and/or malicious missives).

Lately I’ve had some right peaches, and they’ve persuaded me of the strictly non-intellectual merits of creating a dedicated heading under which to post some of the best (shorn of their hyperlinks to malware or worse, of course). I’ve been weighing up the idea for a few days, and during this time several of the best have been automatically deleted – including my favourite, a criticism of my spelling, which I make a point of checking so consider more or less flawless, by someone with the username “Fuck Buddy Michigan”. Anyway, from now on I’m not going to let any pearls slip through the net (no pun intended).

PS. If anyone can explain to me what a Pingback is and if they’re a good thing or not then I would be very grateful and a little less perplexed about the machinations of WordPress.

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