Beowulf in California

Here’s a big bit of news I’ve been sitting on for a while because, well, I didn’t know if I’d be able to afford to make it happen. But I can! So, without further ado, I’m pretty darned chuffed to announce that ten days hence I’ll be on my way to California to participate in the 112th Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association (PAMLA) Annual Conference, being held in Riverside outside Los Angeles between 31st October and 2nd November.

Another lost weekend. Lost in a sea of Old English poetry, that is.

Another lost weekend. Lost in a sea of Old English poetry, that is.

The full programme (really I should say program) is available to look through here. It’s an extraordinarily diverse event, with ‘Beowulf and Related Topics’, the session featuring my paper, coming a little beyond the halfway mark. Said paper will go by the title ‘Beowulf beside the Thames? An Old English estate boundary description as evidence of the influence of heroic poetry upon Late Anglo-Saxon prose writers’, and will be an exploration of one of the main themes of an essay I wrote as part of my MA which led to this post and some of this post and in an roundabout way this post as well. It’s been equal parts tricky and fun to wrap my head around a topic I haven’t touched for a while, but it’s all coming together nicely now.

It’s made all the more exciting as I’ve never been to the US before and I have wangled a week off from work in which to do some unabashedly touristy things in LA, then travel Amtrak up the West Coast for a couple of days apiece in Portland and Seattle. If by very good fortune you are reading this and happen to be going to the PAMLA conference, please drop by my session and say hi. Alternatively, if the above hasn’t got you looking up last-minute travel websites for flights and hotels to the Golden State, then you might be interested to learn I’ll be speaking on much the same topic masquerading under a different title – ‘Pagan, Christian, or Heroic? Understanding “ritually-deposited” early medieval metalwork at Battersea and beyond’ – at the Surrey Archaeological Society Medieval Studies Forum’s ‘Belief and Unbelief’ meeting, taking place in the Education Centre of Guildford Cathedral on Saturday 6th December. If not at the first time of asking, second time around it’ll be glitch-free for certain…

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