Contacts and Networks: University of Nottingham Institute for Medieval Research Postgraduate Conference 2014

Contacts and Networks conference

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working alongside a number of postgraduate research students within the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Medieval Research planning its annual Postgraduate Conference. I think I’m right in saying the conference is in its fifth year, and this time around has the theme ‘Contacts and Networks’. It will take place on 5th July 2014 on the University Park campus in the west of Nottingham. Now we’ve reached the point where everything is booked and programmed, we’re going on the offensive to publicise what I think it’s fair to say is the best one-day medieval conference happening anywhere this July…

I’m especially excited about the conference because I will be chairing a session, in which the three papers are united by a common theme of travel and travelling. I expect this to yield some great insights into the world-views of different individuals from all corners of medieval Europe, and perhaps even some unexpected commonalities of experiences across time and space. Overall, as befits the conference theme, the papers being presented throughout the day are on an extraordinarily broad range of topics – making it the ideal event for anyone who wants to be challenged to think about unfamiliar topics and places and how they relate to their own research.

So whether you’re planning to head to the north of England for the International Medieval Congress and/or the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, or simply like the look and sound of the PG Conference, I highly recommend you register to attend. Take a look at the attached documentation below, then make it happen. And between now and early July, please tweet/link/email/word-of-mouth the hell out of the publicity materials!

Nottingham IMR Postgraduate Conference 2014 Poster

Nottingham IMR Postgraduate Conference 2014 Programme

Nottingham IMR Postgraduate Conference 2014 Registration Form

(While I think of it, the organisers of the Society for Medieval Archaeology’s Student Colloquium, happening in mid-November in Belfast, have just issued their second call for papers. I gave a paper at last year’s event in Aberdeen and had a thoroughly good time, so I would encourage postgraduates past, present or future studying in any even vaguely related subject to get involved.)


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