Seasons greetings from Puttenham (and an unseasonal gift from Joshua Tree)

Here I sit on Christmas Eve, presents wrapped (just the rosettes and ribbons to add for a little extra pizzazz), wondering how there’s only seven days left of this year. Latterly, time has not expanded in a fashion that has permitted me to finish a chunky “opinion piece” post I commenced a couple of weeks ago – I may yet get it done before 2014 comes around. In the meanwhile, here’s a little something I came across recently by way of a little present from me to you, dear reader – a video of Phillip K Smith III‘s 2013 installation, Lucid Stead. You’ll quickly realise it’s got nothing to do with Surrey and very little to do with the medieval period; I could try and make a connection with shielings or Karl Inge Sandred’s 1964 study English place-names in -stead, but I reckon neither would sound anything other than a bit daft. So sit back and enjoy a few minutes of a wonderfully simple idea beautifully realised in a place somewhere a good deal warmer (in the daytime anyway) than south-east England is right now.

See you in 2014 – if not before.

About Robert J S Briggs

Back to being a part-time early medievalist; Surrey born, London based, been known to travel
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2 Responses to Seasons greetings from Puttenham (and an unseasonal gift from Joshua Tree)

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Robert! 🙂
    ✟Peace always, Uncle Tree ▲

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