Best letter ever?

I received a fantastic letter in the week from a Mr Bullar of Sidcup (via the good people in the office of the Surrey Archaeological Society at Castle Arch). In it he expounds upon his ideas about the significance of certain place-name elements in Kent, Surrey and beyond with infectious excitement and imagination, not to mention a sound grasp of the onomastic material. I can’t wait to pen a reply – if only my handwriting wasn’t so all over the place these days. I blame all this blog writing.


Staying on the subject of place-names and local history, I gave a talk to the Surrey Archaeological Society’s Villages Study Group yesterday on the subject of place-names and local history. In the coming days I will be working up my notes into a short essay for dissemination to group members as well as posting here for all to read. More immediately, I would like to extend my thanks to all who arranged and attended the meeting in the slightly chilly setting of Hambledon Village Hall, in particular to Dr David Taylor for his kind and encouraging words (as well as the lifts to and from the meeting).


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