Better late than never

A big thank you is due to the Puttenham and Wanborough History Society for giving me the opportunity to conclude their winter meeting series by speaking on ‘The place of Frowsbury in Puttenham’, both from a historical geographic perspective and in terms of the (de) Frollebury family who owned/occupied the property from circa 1235; a family member was still liable to paying a subsidy levied over two-and-a-half centuries later (most likely in 1489).

Not the actual title, but you get the gist

It was very well received and drew a number of intelligent comments and questions, highlighting areas in which to take my research next. I will get round to them in time, but first I’m going to work up what I spoke about (which handily was more or less the same as one of the appendices of my Puttenham study) into a paper for the Society’s ‘Papers Read…’ series. Of course, for non-members I’ll post a pdf of the finished article on this here blog.


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