The Archaeology of Wooded Landscapes – conference papers online

If I make it to more than one medieval-themed conference in a year I consider it to be something of an achievement. I guess it’s what comes of being out of academic circles. Among this year’s list of those I wish I’d gone to if only I’d had the money/time/knowledge they were happening was The Archaeology of Wooded Landscapes, held at East Grinstead back in February. Happily for non-attendees like me expanded written versions of the presentations given at the conference have been made available via the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty website. Among them are papers by Mark Gardiner and Della Hooke (whose suggestion that the presence of Old English haga in a number of Surrey charter-bounds identifies the existence of hunting enclosures not only extends conclusions drawn about similar names in other counties, but also overlaps with my note on the origin of the park at Stoke mentioned in Domesday Book), but all look as if they might be worth a post-festive read.


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