New work – reconsidering weala-tun place names in Surrey

I’ve put the finishing touches to another short essay that’s been lingering on the slate for over two years, adding it to the Work section here. As much as its primary subject matter is self-evidently to do with place-names, I have chosen to come at the analysis from historical and archaeological angles, as I feel the linguistic side of the debate has dominated up until now and as a result has been more or less done-to-death. Really pleased with how it’s turned out, although the topic is one on which there is a huge amount of work still to do (or rather could be done – it’s not something that’s really on my radar at the moment).

Next post will consist mainly of photos, as this page could do with being a touch more visually arresting…


About Robert J S Briggs

Back to being a part-time early medievalist; Surrey born, London based, been known to travel
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