Who knows where the time goes?

I’ve been extra busy of late doing things that clearly don’t involve posting on here. In fact some do relate to the general theme of this site and so I’m sure I’ll get around to putting up a summary or whatever here in time. Others are a good deal less relevant yet, in the grand scheme of things, considerably more important (moving house, quitting job, planning travels to the other side of the world).

I’ve just done a further update to my “seven acres” article, posted here, so all has not been completely quiet on the surreymedieval front. I’ve come across a stack of useful websites in recent weeks actually, but have forgotten what most of them are, or else am saving them for a more cohesive post or two under the Links menu. However, one that is worth trumpeting here and now is that of the Henry III Fine Rolls Project, which is a brilliantly-designed portal for accessing one of the prime sources of information for thirteenth-century local history. I particularly like their Fine of the Month feature – the contribution adjudged to have been the best of 2010 is a worthy winner for the fact that it notes the recourse being made to the fine in question in a dispute between the present-day parish and district councils!


About Robert J S Briggs

Back to being a part-time early medievalist; Surrey born, London based, been known to travel
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